09 February 2015

Sri Edji,    Believe it or not I think you are initiating a new paradigm.    

Many of the past teachers have little or NO clarity in their teachings....I know I could never find any explicit method to achieve Self-realization....just a lot of babble. How to sit, how to breath, what to eat, money to pay....just mostly crap.

On the other hand you my dear Edji give very down to earth instructions, very clear and concise.  It may be more difficult than most people can handle but it is there.  And it includes a completely new idea...A MANIFEST I AM.

I think you have started something that can't be reversed and is going to build slowly throughout the United States and all around the globe.   I have felt this for many months now.

Your frustration must be immense because of the coming and going of many devotees. 

That is because your teachings tear away all  of the obstructions into the depths of one's being. 

MOST people can't handle that, so they find any excuse to Stop the method and find something safer.  Sometimes even to blame you for their shortcomings. 

I barely could handle it and you know how close it came on many occasions. 

A handful of us devotees need you as you have brought us to the brink of salvation.  Hell look at Jesus and his followers...you are no different.

If you did elect to go with the Koreans you may have lots of followers but you wouldn't have the contact either. Plus deep down you really couldn't continue teaching their method.   You have your own method build on many many years of searching and that saves us devotees today many years on our own path. You allow us to build on your experience.

You are a total blessing to this world Edji. A very Rare blessing indeed.

Love you with my whole Heart,  steve


  1. I agree that Edji is unique. He is unconventional and confounding to our ego needs.
    He's not here to make us happy and safe within any spiritual box. He can be rough, outspoken and defiant when he smells hypocrisy.
    Some people accuse him of hypocrisy when he changes what and how he teaches.
    He says he's growing, learning and changing and that it's his job to teach what he actually knows, not what he used to believe.
    These are among the many reasons I study with Edji and stay. To me, this is authentic
    teaching that I can trust. I love his boldness in stating what he knows and yet willingness to say, hey I learned something new.... here it is.
    He is a true keen-eyed zen master.... no truck with complacency. He is 'all in' for his students, that's the least I can give in return.
    One of his former students accused me of having " drunk the cool-aid " and being in an Edji cult. I told him he has it backwards, I don't need cool-aid or a cult leader to bow down to.....I need straight talk and a teacher I can push up against.
    I have that in Edji.....you keep the cool-aid. Syndria