26 February 2015

Feedback on process

Dear Edji,

I continue to search for the I am. I'm back on my job again after two weeks of vacation and with the daily stress it's more difficult to go deeper but I do my best.

The satsangs send me deeper very quickly. There is the feeling of electricity around the heart and lots of buzzing in the emotional body. 

I feel some positive changes in my daily life. I feel like a more heart centered and warm person. My connection with my kids are getting better and they seem to like my presence better too. It's like they finally have become part of my spiritual life instead of an obstacle to it.

Different emotions are coming up too. During my years with the void/pure awareness life was often experienced as a flow but a flow without or with few emotions. I feel more whole now but am also confronted with feelings of being timid, vulnerable and having a lack of self confidence. I have been away from life and emotions for quite some time and it's like when you don't use your muscles they get weaker. I haven't been used to meet life as a whole person and haven't exercised my emotions. I try to embrace whatever comes up in me.

The last satsang was so great and I regret I didn't record it. I'm already looking forward to next Sunday.

It sounds great that you may want to hold the satsang one hour earlier. Since kundalini awakened 6 years ago I have become very dependent on my sleep and when I go to bed later than 10 pm local time I'm always totally devastated the day after. I'll try to attend satsang no matter what you decide but if it is an hour earlier it's great news. 

Thank you, Edji


My response:  Wonderful news! It is feedback like yours that keeps me going.

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