07 April 2011

Unlike the Last Post, the Love Here is Obvious


  1. Now THAT'S Devotion!
    What a Joyful potion!
    Try it ... you'll Love it! :-)

  2. Ah, so touching ...

  3. Edji,

    Marijuana really helps me concentrate when I meditate. It makes my focus stronger. My intent is not to get high and have a good time, my intent is to realize the self, love and god. I want to do nothing that would alienate my true guru as nisargadatta says, will this alienate him?

  4. Wow your one of the few it does. It makes me very off center and you really don't want me near your Fridge!
    I do wonder though if it really helps you or just gives you a place to play? In my younger years I explored just about every type of drug LSD, DMT,Shrooms, Peyote, mescline, coke, uppers, opium etc.
    None of which helped me to progress anywhere.Now to be fair I was hoping they would as I was using them with this hope. I would take 600mcg of pure LSD-25(don't do this at home) and go into a flotation tank for hours. It was fun and very interesting but when the show is over it's over. What they did do was alter a reality to something else. I make no judgments just did not help me on a spiritual path.

    Randy M

  5. Yummy.



    Fritzji 'n hopalong