21 April 2011

Everything changes now

I see clearly now what I must do.  Both Rajiv and Janet came to realization because I was with each for a lot of time while they were awakening. We walked each other through the process. We held hands and heart so to speak.

I must become more available to all of you. But I can only do that with your help.

We need an ashram so that we can spend more time face to face. I have waited for it to manifest but no one took me seriously and it never happened.

So I need to open my home to you to come and start our work together. 

You see, I have so many things to do: Blogs, editing medical reports, taking care of feral cats, non profit incorporation. I can only do these things if we do them together.

This means setting up online Satsang too. I was always the one setting it up on this end, thinking of topics, setting up cameras and all that. It took too much time. I can no longer do it all. I need your help if this is going to work.

Also, I just received two emails from someone who has been on the path a long, long time yesterday, who is also awakening after looking at the http://itisnotreal.com website and download the chants and watching my satsangs at http//wearesentience.org, which is the name of our new non profit, which I will tell you about soon.

I can no longer do these things alone. My function has changed to that of administering grace.


  1. An awakening fireworks has really set in. Wonderful. Wonderful.

  2. This brought tears to my eyes. I love you and want to move to North America to be with you. It is truly my strongest desire.

    Love Ricky

  3. Beloved Master
    May many many awaken through your grace!
    Gratitude and love

  4. That is wonderful, Edji!:)

    What can we who live across the Atlantic do to help?


  5. This is exciting and I hope to be involved somehow!

  6. This Easter there seems to be something vibrating in the air. There is a presence that feels strong and full of Love. It is overwhelming like an ocean of nectar that is completly taking over right now. What a wonderful family.

  7. WOW! I feel it too Dennis. You are so right!


  8. Could you tell us what your concrete plan for creating an ashram is so that we know how to help out? Inca