21 April 2011

I was going mad searching, seeking, questioning, practising Taoist Warrior Monk Kung Fu, then Osho Sannyas school for Centring and Zen Martial Arts working my butt off centring mind, energy and action through hard, arduous effort for years, then out of the blue Nisargadatta Maharaj.  
Things started making sense but I couldn’t get him fully, then again out of the blue Ramana came, so strongly I could not doubt it, although I could feel him I couldn’t fully get him, so more study and intensity.  Then yesterday out of the blue like a thunderbolt Robert Adams appeared and on your site too, while I was looking for something quite different.  Robert was one of the teachers that I totally ignored, but this time I was inexplicably pulled like a magnet.  The effect was like dynamite, finally a click then I just seemed to move to different sites, I finally got one of his chants and some of his spoken word samples and the dynamic effect was incredible.  
Something has profound has triggered; then back to your site again; much reading and absorbing all night, then today I woke up feeling totally different.  
I went back on your site and went through the chants, suddenly I was literally shaking with energy and presence, freezing cold and red hot, strong as a bull through one chant ‘I will sing your name’ ,trancing out, rising up, incredible.  
I wrote his name almost involuntarily Robert Adams and I saw clearly in a flash Sam, Ram, Adam, Rama, Ramdas, it was mad and incredible and still not complete.  Energy and trancing is still kicking off alongside a vast profound silence; I was suddenly pulled to speak to you after watching one of your Satsangs, so if it is alright with you, I want to phone you.  Once only will be enough because I clearly reckon I’m not mad and your attention-mind on me - even for a second - will ground the whole thing in me.  
So send me your number  and even if it’s only a hello that will be enough and I will ditch your number  and  won’t hassle you with questions, because the way I see it it’s between me and you, a one off.
You are in the body, you can stabilize what is happening and it will remain personal.  It is no coincidence I went on your site because believe me, I knew it all and was not seeking instruction from anyone.  The synchronicity of events leading up to this is amazing, even down to someone bringing in a cat and asking me to look after it, a thing that has never happened before, then I see you with cats and a trigger comes when you were talking about Robert crying when one of your cats died, it was mad, but too sane not to be just right.  
The most ridiculous thing possible, enlightenment on the internet while looking for an entirely different site for an entirely different reason, whatever did that, I trust.  
So here’s hoping to hear from you in the Spirit of the Way


  1. Good to hear from you Sam,

    I can relate. While i did not have any extraordinary coincidinces-at least that I am aware of-i can cleary see how i was led to this path. From leaving christianity confused and bewildered, then to islam-that didn't last long, then to hinduism, then to buddhism, then to ramana, then to nisargadatta, then to robert, then to edji. Now i bounce between nisargadattas words, edjis and roberts. Ramanas face is enough.

    Now i just listen to the chants and roberts talks as often as possible. I have Hunting the I and the nisargadatta Gita in a binder alongside I AM THAT. I have no desire to go anywhere else, i know this is it for me as well, just waiting, practicing, listening and wanting it more than anything.


  2. Hi All,

    I agree, Bhagvan Ramana brought me to itisnotreal not once but twice, the second time I got to Edji which I did not note before, a few years between the two website visits. Then to Rajivji, what pure grace.

    Beautiful, Ramana's face IS enough, just that sentence is giving me butterflies.


  3. Hi Sam what a wonderful sharing!
    I love what you wrote. You made me remember what brought me to the "it is not real website not blog that came later. It was sometime ago I was loaning out my home in Ojai, CA for a good friend that is a non duality teacher. He would give his Satsangs and retreats there as my place was out in nature and quite roomy. My friend John Sherman is a lovely being who gives his heart to giving satsangs and absolutely loves Ramana and would have pictures of him at all his gatherings. One day after a retreat and everyone was gone I felt a empty space inside me. You know when you have to leave something because of whatever reason and you have not finished well that's how I was feeling in my heart. I had no idea why I thought I had all that I needed as far as being awaken and at peace. So this really surprise me. Later that night I was surfing on the net and I came by Itisnotreal.com and I was introduced to Robert Adams and to Edji.I knew I was on to something that held truth. It was from there that later I found this blog. So when I hear stories like yours I can really relate. These days now I am working hard to try to get back to California hopefully in Edji neighborhood and with Edji's blessings I am sure this will happen for me. I would only add Sam to please take good notice to what just happen for you. Not everyone gets showered and confirmed wit such wonderful grace.

    Much love
    Randy M

  4. Dear Isaac, Randy, Mona,
    Thanks very much for your comments, it was the last thing I expected that my email to Edji would be posted on a blogspot, I thought it was his personal email and as I have been working as deep under the radar as possible with a group of dedicated practitioners, it was quite a shock, the last thing I want is for my experiences to become public knowledge, but your comments have been great, it is wonderful that so many of you are seeking self-knowledge and self-realisation.

    Because of practising as a Taoist Warrior Monk I am not pulled to emotion, but that all changed dramatically on reading and listening to Robert’s Satsangs, it was definitely a thunderbolt and the least likely thing I would ever have believed would have happened to me and from the least likely source, that is what made the whole experience totally convincing, because I would never have listened to Bakti chants by my own volition or listened to any Western Guru.

    The experience of this encounter made me who has trained for years to control my emotions, cry and shake like a child as soon as I heard his voice and then let go completely into what I can only call bliss, clarity, power and presence that tranced me out for hours. Then I found myself in the kitchen and it came on again, I was gone, standing up in prayer, palms totally locked in and strong in structure for ages effortlessly, usually it would have taken huge concentrated mental power to achieve this. When I came back I mailed Edji straight away, because I felt I could and I was right, which made it even more synchronised and excellent.

    Then after a hectic 24 hours I was shattered and washed out. Mind came back strongly and the power, presence, clarity and bliss had gone completely.

    I slept like a log and the next morning out of the blue, power and presence happened again, but with a horrible gut feeling that everything is going to end, then lots of mind dross and a dreamlike reality that was not pleasant at all, gut churn over and over, then gone in blissful trance again like in deep dreamless sleep awake.

    It all still feels alien and something wants to pull out and forget the whole thing completely, but just as that feeling peaks, power and presence returns and blots all the chaos out, state, it’s a rollercoaster that I hope will soon stabilise, the real miracle for me out of all this is after so long a search is that I can truly say a transcendental state actually exists, it only needs the right trigger and for the first time I totally trust the teaching of a true Master.
    Thanks for your supportive comments and I wish you power, presence, bliss and clarity in the Spirit of the Way