18 April 2011

I was thinking of instituting the rules outlined below for adoption at any future ashram. I think they are quite reasonable. Maybe burkas will be required too.

I just had the most amazing experience. I posted this blog while sitting in a Coffee Bean. There was a man sitting near me who I had met some time ago, who was reading and making comments in a large Bible. I thought I'd show him this video to get his reaction. I was astounded at his answer.

He said what was the use of beating the wife if it did not hurt? He said, and he was dead serious, unless it hurt, she would not learn her lesson. Can you believe that? 


  1. I dont know if that coffe shop moment is more horrible or hillarious! What the hell is wrong with people? Maybe he could beat her with his heavy bible if the recommended short rod didn't do a good enough job!

  2. What a sweet old man.

    Next week: "How to stone your wife to death".

  3. I will admit, the bizarre nature of the video had me in stitches - I wasn't aware that B&D had its origins in fundamentalist Islam [and Mr. Bean's interpretation of biblical teachings]. It looks more like a SNL sketch to me than a revelation on religious 'discipline'.

    If your gunning for an all male [chauvinist] ashram - or madrassa - I think you'd be hard pressed to find a better recruitment video.

    I suppose I can see the logic in disciplining ". . . a harsh mistress." - but haven't as yet felt compelled to beat any of the women life has shared with me.

    Consensual sandbox roughhousing is one thing, but I'm guessing this may not be the Imam's [or Mr. Bean's] angle here.


    Pranams Edji,



  4. Its for her 'own good' and she is being 'honoured'. That is easy to see.
    Looking forward to the next in the series - 'stoning to death' one.
    I can watch these vidoes. Just can't stand the spiritual mumbo jumbo ones anymore.


  5. Amazing.

    At the end the whole issue of beating women in this video revolved around "She only gets beaten If she abstains from sex" so is he recommending sadistic foreplay to get into the full version of a sadistic fuck!!


  6. Really now? And if the man is "cursed" by having an oversexed wife who would expect the same from him(acquiescence to sexual requests), I suppose he gets the "carrot over the stick" treatment instead???


  7. How sick!

    "..beatings are allowed only as a last resort.

    The HONORING of the wife in islam is also evident in the fact that the punishment of beating is permissable in one case only: WHEN SHE REFUSES TO SLEEP WITH HIM"


    What kind of honoring? the Honoring as a SEX Slave, a Sex toy?

    Ed, i didn't know you are on a worldtrip - How's the trip so far? lots of sun?...Did you have a chance to taste of the delicious dates of iran or Jordania yet?
    I am quite sure you met this missionary with the big bible somewhere around Saudi Arabia, right?

    Do they have good coffee down there?

    When are you going to be back in LA?

    Wish you a good time in the meantime!

    lots of love,

  8. Oh Ed,

    please don't forget to institute the one and only true Sharia of Saudi Arabia as well, otherwise the Ashrama will be seen as not worthy and unclean by God.

    And please don't forget to install a most important person observating everyones' words and thoughts as well as looks..kind of a thought police... so that all might be in total accordance and purity with the wishes of the divine.

    PS: any recommendations for a good Burka seller around LA?