20 March 2011

Satsang will soon start on a bi-weekly basis in LA.  The Satsangees are such a fun group and all caring so much for each other while still practicing going deep inside to find their true self--the source of the universe.

Below are photos of some of our Satsang family and one location recently photographed.

In a few weeks we will be scoping a location for a five day meditation intensive.

Charlie and Liz's Home in Malibu--Future Satsang Location

Andrea and Cary Brokaw

Oliver--Otolaryngologist (Nose specialist)

Satsang's Angels--Karen, Liz, Samantha, Andrea

Charlie and His Angel, Liz


  1. This is so wonderful! It is easy to imagine how many are going to be cooked now!
    Osho dreamt of 10,000 Buddhas, Edji you are getting on with it and fast!
    Thanks for being there beloved Master

  2. Oh wow, you guys rock. Everyone looks so so happy, it's contagious.

    Was Edji there? Didn't see a picture of him (just kidding).

    Very very happy and hope to join you soon in one of those bi-weekly Satsangs.

    Much love,

  3. How I wish I could be there!

    Tuly wonderful, I am in deep gratitude for everything you have done, Edji.


  4. Looks so fun...wish I wasn't so afraid, I only live down the road!

    Maybe next life...