21 March 2011


  1. Thank you Ed for the links to Robert Adams Satsangs, they are truly blessings, Ron Alexander Sent his blessings and asked to say hello
    please keep me updated about the upcoming satsangs.......

    much metta

    Steven Shaps

  2. I don't know if it is just me, but i can't see the picture?

  3. I also don't see the picture and have tried with Google Chrome and Mozzila.

  4. I also doesn't see this picture

  5. I am sorry, there is nothing I can do. I can see it with Chrome, firefox and explorer. I cannot directly put the image into your computer. That is up to Google's blogger and you. It works perfectly for me. They are in control. It is not my website.

  6. Ed, the picture's link points to your google mail account, so when you see it from your computer it is displayed correctly, but other users aren't unable to see it.

  7. Need the Kind Army here too !

  8. Translation:

    Louie Psyihoyos is not a filmmaker. It is an environmental activist who wants to save the sea creatures of lust in men. He leads the fight without worrying about the choice of hosts. Here is the movie, well ... images captured. The Cove, whose mission is to denounce the massacre of thousands of dolphins by Japanese fishermen is so looking on the means that the film ends up being a lesson in ethics literature Conversely, anything that we should not do when prides himself on film the reality.

    Around the director as aggregates in an elite commando unit, made up of former military specialists camouflage. He is entering the bay of Taiji, Japan, where every year thousands of dolphins are trapped. Some of the females are caught to feed the dolphin's world. The other animals are killed and skinned a spear. Dolphin meat sold in Japanese supermarkets.

    The fact is public knowledge but the municipal authorities and Japanese fisheries do not expect him to be photographed or filmed. Louie and his friends undertake Psyihoyos therefore, using cameras hidden in fake rocks floating divers ultra-discreet and subtle diversionary tactics to circumvent the ban.

    The company is noble and finds a mentor in the person of Ric O'Barry. In the 1960s, he was the trainer of the dolphins play in the series Flipper. It took a good decade to realize that these animals did not intend to end their days to turn balloons on their noses. Today, he believes that Japanese fishermen should be quicker than it was to relax.

    These Japanese fishermen are bullies who spend their time putting a hand on the lens of the camera, making faces threatening. We never ask them questions as it is assumed they kill dolphins by sadism. The economy, tradition or allergy requirements from abroad are not taken into account. What is curious for filmmakers from the country of Buffalo Bill and the detestation of the UN.

    This contemptuous attitude vis-à-vis the Japanese double soon sequences equally condescending towards small countries that sided with Japan during the sessions of the International Whaling Commission.

    The mission will be accomplished and the spectacle of a bright red handle to the waters, covered with dead dolphins is disgusting that we had imagined. But this repulsion comes after that which arouses the attitude of the creators of The Cove vis-à-vis humans they were filmed.

    Read and copied / Cole in " The World "