08 March 2011

I know lot's of people send donations to help me take care of animals in Los Angeles.  I so much appreciate their support. I am able to do many more things now I couldn't a year ago.

I help support several feral cat colony managers, including Jimmy, the homeless man frequently featured on this site, Marie and several others. I give out almost 1,000 cans of Friskies cat food a month and about 20, 16lb. bags of Friskies hard food. This helps feed about 160 cats a month on average. Some months I help others on an irregular basis, that may include an additional 40 cats.  

In addition, I supply medications for cats with infections, and if I can get hold of them, flea medications. Sometimes vaccines also, but this is more difficult to administer as they have to be injected. Together, this costs about $700-$800 a month. If I had the money, I'd feed the cats a higher quality of food, such as I do with my own, but the Friskies canned food is of fairly good quality, although the hard food leaves a lot to be desired.

In addition, other people help also, and they bring food to this house and I redistribute it as needed.

The biggest expense is vet bills. During the past three months, I have spent about $4,500 on vet bills. This is quite a bit higher than average, which is about $10,000-$12,000 a year.

It would really help to incorporate as a nonprofit as I have to pay income tax on donations. Maybe soon, when we get close to having an ashram, someone will get this done for us.

Thank all of you for your kindness.

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