24 March 2011

Hi Edji,

I hope all is well with you and your family. I have a philosophical/theoretical question that I have had for a number of years about the location of awareness. I have tried to just ignore the question as it is of the mind and follow your advice of just keep going. The question keeps arising for me and I think it is because for so long I was so much into theory and reading everything I could and my mind likes to rationalize everything.

A few years ago before I knew about you and your website I asked a supposed awakened person about the illusion of the locality of awareness, he replied that this cannot be answered by the mind. Maybe this is correct because the further I probe into myself and the sense of self the question along with others disappears and I am left knowing that everything happens automatically, all thoughts and doings. When out of meditation the question pops up again. I have not asked you the question because I feel like it is such a beginner's question and I am embarrassed that I have let it bother me. Therefore, since I trust you and feel your love and have thrown out everything besides your teachings I would like to ask you.

My question is if everything is one and the notion of others is an illusion why does it seem like I am looking out one pair of eyes that is only aware of all that it can see and feel and I am not able to be aware of what others see or feel? This question is about the illusion of the location of awareness. I intellectually understand that others are really me and I project my world. Yet this question still haunts me because awareness is looking out of other eyes as well and other senses of beingness. I am not sure if this question is too confusing or too much mental masturbation but I feel like I needed to ask you. Thanks so much for your help and time. (Robert's Satsang recordings are amazing, thanks again).



Yes, a lot of misleading concepts here.

That everything is one, is only a concept. You must investigate for yourself what it means or if is means anything. It does not mean anything. Just a useless concept as is EVERY CONCEPT IN SPIRITUALITY. You need to go beyond concepts and the confusing conclusions one draws when speculating about the implications of such concepts.

A better understanding of that phrase is that consciousness, at the base, is the same for everyone. That understanding is that it is universal, just like the stainless steel in separate forks is the same, or is universal, it does not mean that the 2 ounces of steel in fork 1 is exactly the same steel as in fork 2.

Each of us has separate body/minds, but we are all life. In that sense we are all one. We all share the same sentience, but not exactly the same at the same time. There is no telepathic connection or mystical connection between one fork and another, and the same with us.

You will be pestered with questions and doubts until you realize your only escape is to turn within and go deep into your consciousness. You only questions should be about how to go deeper and get ever further away from the mind.




  1. KO! Love it, Ed. Straight shooting, no bullshit.

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