23 February 2011

Dear Edji,

I want to thank you for your guided meditation that I listen to often.

During meditation and also in the normal working day, I repeatingly regard everything
as sensations, the visual world, body feelings and thoughts, everything. Everything steps back and I become empty.

While breathing deeply in my stomac, I am dwelling in emptiness and the world goes on happening. It gives access to the "I am nothing in particular, yet I am".

When I am there, people interact with my body and I observe it wondering "who" they mean with "you", it feels like being a hologram.

So far, it's not a big light that I could fall into and die, but when I am there, a pulling into deepness is felt.

Is it ok ?

Best wishes,


Don't worry about any light. That usually only happens to a few at the beginning of practice and goes away the more advanced they get.

You are doing well, in fact, perfectly.  Just keep doing as you are doing.



  1. Thank you Edji and (mistery )L. These little contributions really makes the differance.
    Love you all.

  2. Wow what has happened here is Edji ok?