14 February 2011

Hi Edji-

I've been listening to your emptiness of the body meditation twice a day for a couple of days now and continuing enquiry after it ends and I'm having some rather frightening experiences.  They are familiar to me, but I have not experienced them since leaving the meditation center years ago...

First I become aware of my mind creating the image of my body in awareness in order to connect the sensations there.  The image is recognized and falls away, leaving only the sensations floating in awareness as you described.  Then I move to the perception of my "face" in the awareness, and that too falls away.  After resting there for some time I feel as if I'm being pulled backward through blackness and the blackness gives way to brilliant light engulfing everything.  My heart starts pounding in my chest, I feel as if cold air is being blown into my nostrils and I start sweating profusely.  It's frightened me so much I sit up and forcefully start thinking to end the experience.  It feels like the light is ending my life and what's on the other side is uncertain.  Although it is frightening, I must admit I'm excited.  I haven't experienced much of anything in years with such intensity.  The unity experience with it's accompanying bliss would be preferable but, hey, Ill take what I can get.  Should I let the light take me or what?





What an opportunity!!!!! Let it take you!!

I missed that opportunity in 1969, and it took me another 26 years to awaken.

Go for the light!!!!!!!!!!!!




Thank you for you blessings and guidance.  If it comes for me again, I will let it destroy me.

Last time it touched me I perceived the totality of Consciousness for almost three days, without a 'me' or center.  This time I will know to go deeper thanks to you (if there is anything left over).  Even today I feel the world as unreal and am quick to be drawn into laughter.  I feel it waiting for me like electricity behind my back.

I hope to meet you There.

At Your Feet,


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  1. Wonderful !!! :)

    It shows me that awakening is possible.

    How often was I about to give up as the whole world around me seems to awaken ...