08 February 2011

A difficult lesson on the cruelty of consciousness

10-yr-old’s body found in Chembur; evidence points to child sacrifice

Panic and anger in the neighbourhood as special investigation teams struggle for clues
Ashutosh Patil

The mutilated body of a 10-year-old boy was discovered on a hilltop near Chembur-Vashi junction on Sunday afternoon, sparking panic and anger in the neighbourhood.

Circumstantial evidence and the condition of the body have given credence to the theory that the boy, Joginder Mali, may have been a victim of child sacrifice which followed sexual abuse.

Joginder, who lived in Bharat Nagar with his eight siblings - they are five brothers and four sisters - and parents, went to school on Saturday morning and never returned.

Joginder’s father, Hariprasad, who runs a small pan-cigarette shop in the neighbourhood, filed a missing complaint at 9 pm at the RCF police station.
The victim’s family hold up a picture of 10-year-old Joginder Mali and (below) the spot in Chembur where his body was found

Though both the boy’s neighbours and the police searched for him, they made no headway until Sunday when they stumbled upon his body in some bushes on top of a hill some 200 metres from his house.

Joginder was lying in a pool of blood, his head smashed with a heavy stone which was left next to his body.

Police also recovered a bunch of red threads commonly used in rituals, ceremonial red and black powder, bottles of essence, incense sticks, a plastic bag with cooked rice and photos of deities worshipped by followers of black magic.

The crime had been committed under a banyan tree, and the articles were recovered below another banyan tree 20 ft away.

According to an investigating officer who did not wish to be identified, a razor was recovered from the spot which was used to tonsure the boy’s head and later slit his throat.

Investigating officers observed that the spot was chosen with a lot of care. It is right behind the Oswal chemical factory, more than 100 feet deep into the bushy patches, and fairly isolated.

“There is no way anybody would have heard the boy’s screams,” said an officer on condition of anonymity.

While the police have not yet arrived at the murder motive, the post mortem report has revealed that the victim had been sexually assaulted as well.

Shirish Shelke, senior inspector of RCF police station said, “We have registered a case of murder under section 302 of IPC and our special teams are looking for the accused.” The Chembur unit of the Crime Branch has also been roped in to carry out the investigations.

Although evidence points towards child sacrifice and black magic, senior police officers have refused to confirm it.

At the time of going to press, the investigating team had found call receipts from a PCO which may give vital clues about the murder.

Apart from this there were no clues left at the crime spot that could lead to the accused.


  1. Wish I could crush the heads of the criminals and prick them with pins all over...
    Poor child..May his soul find peace. Edji pls bless the little boy's soul to rest in peace...


  2. My beloveds,

    Do you see how trivial Consciosuness is?

    Do you see the pain, the cries, the screams of the helpless child?

    Do you see how insignificant are our own wants, our own sense of security and desires are?

    Do you see the pathetic level which humanity has stooped to?

    Do you still want to say its all destiny and fate? All is actually well and everything is just how it should be?

    Yes its all a dream movie show and a bloody sick one. Treachereous Consciosuness gives these as free tickets for us to watch most of the time.

    Request everyone just hold the child in your deepest thought and memory. Help us with your silent prayers and togetherness at this time of deepest pain.


  3. Thanks for sharing tis horrible story. What is the significance of this world? I feel ashamed being human and let my last desire be compassion and going beyond this world. I sent my deepest prayers.


  4. Rajivji,

    If I allow myself to feel the pain, I will drown in it.
    If I express the rage I feel, I will suffocate.
    If I make an attempt to ignore it, I will betray myself.
    So I am left not wanting to eat, to drink, to breath - not wanting to exist.
    So I cry and beg for this bloody dream to end.

    My prayers are with the child and his family.


  5. May Jognidar rest in the Absolute! totally away from this hrash mistress!

  6. I am just shocked and speechless! It's really disturbing! Robert said it exactly right that it's lowest of the hells!

  7. Yes, a very shocking story, but ...
    itisnotreal !

    The boy has such a sad grin on the picture handed by the mother that he was certainly abused already at that time.

    Hello Master Rajiv, can I ask you how we can help your charity work in Mumbai ? Do you have a website and donation button like Master Edji ?

    Thanks and good luck,

  8. Thank you all for your prayers.

    Dennis the significance of this world is that it is only here that we can experience the various faces of Consciousness. It is while we are in this body that we can explore the states and fully understand that we are truly beyond body, ego, void and even beyond pure being. It is an opportunity given to us and we must not waste it. We must value it fully and therefore engage in spiritual practices and at the same time help sentient beings.
    When I say Consciousness is treacherous or trivial I mean that part of Consciousness which identifies with individual I-ness and ego-- the sense of doership. This is where Consciousness brings suffering and various heinous crimes are committed.
    Pure beingness is unadulterated state. It knows no crime or suffering. While we are in this body/mind we got to see and experience that state of pure joyous oneness-- where all is joy which is our pristine nature.
    In that state can any crime, desire, ambition remain? Not at all. All of this belongs to the ignorant egoic state and not to the pure being state. In pure being state a man becomes extremely sensitive to the surroundings around and reaches out to help others. It reflects on his waking state Consciousness too. He feels terrible pain because he lives the terror, the screams and the deep callings for help.

    It is important to know what part of Consciousness is trivial. Dont misconstrue that life and entirety of Consciousness has no purpose or is trivial .Otherwise suicide would be best for all of us to end this dream. It is clearly not so.
    It is therefore important not to loose hope from this world for this life offers us this wonderful opportunity to explore the real SELF and also to serve. Let us therefore strive deeply to go beyond the identifications of the body/mind/ego and then disappear into the unknown from the joyous state. We must inspire others too to do the same. To help them see what they really are. This is serving humanity which is plagued by the disease of selfishness and egoic motives since time immemorial . When the Truth will appear things will fall in place automatically.
    At the same time the pure being Consciousness will continue to motivate us to rid the suffering of others as much as we possibly can for therein lies real happiness and fulfillment.

    Love and thanks to all,

  9. Dear David,
    I am not accepting any donations so far as I have yet to figure out what needs to be done in a structured way. There is lot of work but if I accept money I will have to pay taxes unless I have a trust. I need to find out what laws are applicable here.
    There are few who visit me here and give me donations . I use it for the welfare of underprivileged children especially with special needs as I personally know the work and watch that it actually reaches the right place and the child. There are many poor who cant afford O/T and special education as it is expensive for them. I have a trainer who provides swimming classes,O/T and physical exercises to the poor children with special needs for free. I try and subsidize him whenever possible.

    Thank you David for your kindness and warmth.


  10. There seems to be some confusion between pure consciousness and human consciousness.


  11. Paul, you left several posts regarding what Robert said and the one just above.

    There is only one consciousness. There is no differentiation, division, faces of, human or pure. All of those distinctions are illusory.

    I'll tell you one thing only. There are many who read the world and its problems are illusory. Rather than diving deep within to truly understand this as their own experience, they begin using their minds to conceptually interpret what illusory, or does no exist mean, including coming to conclusions about how one should behave in the world.

    Rather than interpret "Unreal," "does not exist," or "illusory," and come to a teaching conclusion, the words are a test about how deep you have penetrated your own mind and consciousness.

    You make the mistake of using your mind to try to find release, but release comes after you lose your mind.

    You also have to see the difference between the words a teacher such as Robert speaks, and his actions, which were totally consistent with someone who believes the world is real and people and animals suffer, and something should be done to relieve suffering, otherwise, as Robert warned over and over, you become a "cold fish."

    Don't let words delude you.

    To test the depth of your understanding, please read the Ribhu Gita. If you totally understand it without stumbling, you are free to do anything you want.

    The same is true of the Buddhist Heart Sutra, chanted every morning by millions of Mahayana and Zen Buddhists in monasteries all over the world, but maybe truly understood by a few hundred people.

    There is a difference between people who hear the Ribhu Gita or Heart Sutra and then come to conclusions about how one should react to the world, and those who dive deep into their consciousness because they know they do not understand, and know the mind can never understand.

    The Heart Sutra is understood by the spiritual heart, which must be open. It can never be understood by the mind.

  12. Thank you for this post Edji. It was very interesting to watch my own reactions to it. My first feeling was "why?" "What's the point of a post like this?" There aren't enough blogs on the internet that can contain all the tragedy and horror in the world...nobody has to go far to find it!

    Then it suddenly struck me...what about compassion for the poor twisted souls who committed this vile unconscionable sin. This innocent child is now in peace, but those who perpetrated this are living in their own hell...and projecting that hell outward.

    I'm not trying to downplay the immense grief that that family is going through, and honestly cannot say that I would still feel this way were I in their shoes, but it seems to me that real Love is total Love...it encompasses ALL...maybe especially those who are in a living hell.

    Anyway...Thank you once agian


  13. Ed wrote:
    To test the depth of your understanding, please read the Ribhu Gita.

    I don't stray too far away from what Robert taught. I have read the ashtravakra gita but thats all. If I do read I follow Roberts books. Other than that not much else.
    Robert also warned that too much reading and going from one teaching to another can cause confusion.

    I love Roberts teaching the way he taught it, he has opened many vistas for me and like he said I can only speak for myself and my own experiences.


  14. You know his words Paul, but do you know his heart?

  15. At first when I read this I could not take it in, I feel similarly to Janet, and I sat with this for a few days.
    This morning I held Joginder deep in my heart and his
    family, too and just sat with them in love.

    Thank you Rajivji for what you wrote to Denis, it answered questions I sat with and helped with the pain... to not loose hope.


  16. I shall try again, in a different context-

    I conceptually know that there is no separation between others and myself, and I feel this deeply when coming across stories like this.

    How does one help, without being awake, and how does one act with wisdom they do not have?

    And being such a ignoramus, I fear that I may not actually 'copmassionately' be helping....maybe doing more harm?

    So if this is cooking, I am boiling in the pot.


  17. Thank you for this post
    Its so hard to understand how people are able to do this..
    I peal my veggies and then take the pealings outside for the little critters to eat because I care for them..How much more an innocent child ? How is one able to hear a child scream and still carry on?
    Holding this family in LOve..