13 February 2011

Hello Dear Ed,

A progress report :)
I wrote to you a week ago asking your advice on how to stay centered in the I AM, as it can be "temporarily forgotten". You encouraged to:-

"Be gentle. Don't force it. Just watch the attention going outwards and return to I Am.
After all, the I Am must eventually go."

Well, dear Ed I have been doing as said, gently watching the attention go out and come back to the I Am....Must say, t's more watching it come back really, because it's hard to catch it go out every time. But that also is getting easier with constant practice. The awareness of being present each moment is now increasing, and a peacefulness prevails in daily activities.

There also seems to be a massive connection to the heart now. There was a connection before, but now this has magnified....like a bliss filling space of the body.

It used to be only ocasionally that I would feel like the witness of all things in the daily activities, however, it is almost constant now. It is also seen that no-thing is real now whether in meditation or waking state.

Dear Ed, I do hope that this email correspondence is not an imposition....I know you are very busy, and I would never want to keep you away from the great work you do on behalf of the cats of Los Angeles.

with much love

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