08 February 2011

Look at my friend's blog, Mary Cummins. She rescues and rehabilitates injured wild animals in the Los Angeles area. We have worked closely together on any number of animal issues since January, 2006.  Last year she rescued and rehabilitated several thousand animals, including squirrels, skunks, raccoons, rabbits, dogs, opossum, turtles, etc., and saved 95% of them.


For every horror story, somewhere there is a saint. Dr. Conrad shown in Mary's latest post, could be a candidate for chief vet at our low cost, non-profit clinic.

Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates, Cummins Real Estate Services

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  1. Dearest Master Edji,
    Thanks so much for posting it. I was so depressed. Love you Edji and Rajivji!! and I love you all!!