26 June 2018

FROM A STUDENT (Angela Roosenmallen)--Amended

I am lying on the kitchen floor, because I keep falling asleep while sitting.
I do not want to walk upstairs and go to sleep in bed.
All I want is to be here on the floor all night, half asleep, half awake and feel shakti.
All I desire is to feel the energies, to feel they still love me, to abide in them and invite them by focus and love.
Nothing else matters.


My whole body is energy today
Everything burning
Feeling very devotional, taken by this energy, longing for surrender; that is what the energy does

Even though the struggles I am experiencing in relation with you, the energy doesn't care and keeps me glued to you. The energy keeps me in a state of devotion, of yearning of desire towards you.

These two emails show the extended drama of the "purification" process, which is really awakening to an awareness both of inner energies and emotions, which are energies in a different form.  All the nervous system gets awakened, shocked, and emotions never before felt scream for our attention.

When you are with a master, he or she stirs the pot making the soup ever more potent.  The more you suffer and purify, burn away impediments, the more you open to your own power within.

I suffered like this as well as most others on a similar path of devotion and surrender.

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