26 June 2018


We are quickly becoming aware of what Trump is doing: destabilizing the democratic norms and laws of America, including undermining the Constitution (No more due process or free press), and destroying or destabilizing of all the alliances holding together the world’s democratic countries. He speaks against Canada, Mexico, France, Germany, while elevating the world’s authoritarian governments: Russia, Turkey, North Korea, China.
     He is pitting the various cultural and economic factions in our country against one another to create violence, riots, and confusion so that he can pass emergency presidential edicts to further undermine the Constitution and the legal processes that support democracy. He is destroying confidence in the free press prior to actually shutting down those that oppose him. He doing this as a complicit agent of the Kremlin and Putin. This has been his plan since he met Russian plutocrats during the Miss Universe pageant in 2015. He plans to take over America.
     Read Malcolm Nance’s book: the Plot to Destroy Democracy: How Putin and his spies are undermining America and dismantling the West.
     I am joining one or more of the many liberal self-defense clubs popping up around the country, such as the Liberal Gun Clubs, the Redneck Revolt, Pink Pistols, and the John Brown Gun Clubs. Look them up on Facebook and Google for local chapters that you can join.
     I see that armed opposition may be necessary in the near future as Trump moves against one group after another, and the media, the Justice Department, and even the courts, backed by his Troglodyte base backed by Putin. He is already setting up internment camps for 30,000 on three military bases. Later, he will be coming for you. With the increasing division and violence that he is creating, he can use public safety to cal out the National Guard nationally and create a permanent police state without any due process, or through the courts and all the hundreds of new judges he appointed, which McConnell refused to let Obama appoint.
          In fact, today the Supreme Court allowed Trump’s Muslim ban, giving Trump more latitude and encouragement to become more autocratic.  Today, a poll indicated 50% of Americans now believe we are slipping into fascism.

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