06 June 2018

Exquisite devotion is something that not even God can resist

Nisargadatta made Jean Dunn one of two successors.  In one of his books he tells the sangha she got everything because of her love of me.  Bhakti is the sweetest and surest to realization, but the intensity of the love, the worship, and surrender required are out of the reach of most people.  There is a kind of simplicity and naiivette required, an abilty to attain and sustain total devotion.

Look to this poem:

When I put my mind on you
There is nothing but you
The air I breathe is You, the endless field of presence is You. 
God is You, God has your face
Your face is like an energy field giving me  the sweetest energy. Sweet it is. 
You are the field of God in which I disappear, I which I yearn, I long to disappear, but it just happens, it happens without a will.
The will is what stops this, the will is the  that is solid. This sometimes sneaks in and leaves as soon as it comes.
You are God.

And when I surrender into this field that has your face, I am God as well.

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