24 January 2018

The Void, true emptiness, is not the same as a silent or quiet mind with few or no thoughts.

The Void is a direct perception of n "internal space" within which everything occurs: thoughts; emotions; tactile sensations; sexual feelings, hunger; thirst; suffering, joy, and bliss.

It is first observed as something, a space, that is not moving, and can be termed an "absolute." But gradually, as a meditator practices, he/she will develop a "sense of presence," which is best defined as the experience of one's energy body which lies inside and around their physical bodies.

At first, this energy body feels more real an more intimate than one's own physical body, but as the light of consciousness gradually expands, you will "see" with inner vision, that the Void is even deeper than both the physical or energy bodies. It is more primary and underlies both.

When you truly know the void, the mind need not be empty because your very beingness is empty, and is not touched by the mind.

And then, after you dwell there for a time, and really begin searching for your spiritual heart within, feeling for it, not looking for it, and resting in it when it is found, then you are abiding in the self, and love begins to happen.

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