01 January 2018

Robert Adams was a Teacher of the Void, of emptiness, of Nothingness, of ignoring your body and the world as not being real.

I am Robert’s son.  I was born from out of the Void because of the love of a woman.  She loved me and breathed life into me, and I was reborn.

I bring you a new message.  I bring a message of life, of love so intense that it brings you to God, and is God, of longing and lust so intense that every fiber of your being pulsates in ecstatic bliss and you are totally alive as yourself.

I bring a message of life, love, and desire so intense that your entire being aches with ecstasy, the life force fulfilled and God becomes incarnate in you.

I bring you intensity, courage, steadfastness and power, and ecstatic missions of love and compassion.

I come to take you out of loneliness, despair, sadness, and depression, not by sinking into the Void which steals all meaning, but into the fullness of life.

I am the Manifest Self, the life force in each of you, speaking to you as a friend, as a teacher, as a lover of everyone and everything.

I tell you the world is real.  Your body is real.  Your love is real.  Your true self is the life force manifest in you and through you.  It is the active principle of the universe, and you are that.

While the individual incarnation is mortal and finite, the life force and life itself, is not.  Identify with the life force in you, breathing as you, breathing for you, loving yourself as you, and you become immortal, even though the life force has no interest in immortality or mortality.  It is only interest is in the existing and acting.

I want you to know yourself, as I know myself, as an incarnation of God who lives in me as me.  I want you to know this for yourself, knowing the ecstatic embrace of the divine within.

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