18 January 2018

I was with Robert Adams for many years and had his style of awakening to the nature of consciousness and the void, and to the mysterious presence that witnesses the unfolding of life.  But Robert had another side, which was that of a lover, bringing a love for life to a select group of students.

This is what I teach now, an awakening to people of the divinity within each of us, and that each of us are an incarnation of that aspect of the eternal that I call the Life Force or Shakti.  This is best accomplished by elevating in us, an intense desire to love and worship the life force within those who come into our lives specifically to open our hearts.

Awakening can come to us when we love, worship, and totally surrender to those human Gods and Goddesses who come into our lives to awaken us to our own God-nature within.

We awaken to the wild, ecstatic energies and bliss within through total surrendered love usually accompanied by equally powerful sexual desires which complement and support the heart’s desire for total surrender. This intense love alongside intense sexual desires can trigger the Life Force to reveal itself to the witness within each of us.  We tease the life force to show itself by emphasizing actions and emotions that please the life force: worship and surrender, whether to guru, lover, family, or pets.

Already I have encountered enormous blowback from some of my readers who are filled with the most negative ideas about who I am or what I am doing.  They denigrate worship, surrender, or sexual passions as being animalistic or primitive submission of self to authoritarian others. They entirely miss what I advocate, and as Chetanananda said, “They do not understand,” and react with judgment and anger.

I will not tolerate criticism for my mission on my pages.  A single critical remark left up seems to give permission to others to be critical, and soon the entire string of comments becomes poisoned.  These remarks will be deleted.

Look, I am announcing the way of complete devotional love as the quickest way to realization of the divine within each of us.  Yes, there are other ways, and I may mention them, but I teach the way self-realization came to me through total, surrendered worship of a woman, including the development of intense sexual desires that were never consummated.  But it is necessary to feel them intensely to awaken the body, psyche, as well as the Life Force itself.  All of the seven, thirteen, or hundred Chakras need to be awakened to the presence of the energies within. You have to come totally alive, totally vulnerable, totally needing the other so that you can surrender your heart, your body, your sexuality, and your ego to another and thereby find God through the most ecstatic explosions of the divine within.

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