10 January 2018


Robert had secret teachings that never made it into any of his public talks that you now find on the web, or any of his transcripts.  The secret teachings are essentially Tantric, and by this, I mean Robert actively used the desires and emotions found within his students to help them awaken by mobilizing internal energy networks (chakras), charging them, getting energies to move between the Chakras, but almost always focusing on the heart Chakra and love.

The teachings of the transcripts as public talks were of Advaita, the tradition of Ramana, and the method of self inquiry, with an emphasis on emptiness or the void, and that all appearances, the body, the world, were of the same substance, consciousness.  That is, you realized that your consciousness and everything was consciousness.

However, these teachings, the transcendental aspect of his teachings, and eventually to be transcended by bringing the void back into existence through the realization of the divine within the void, and within your body by having the Life Force released and felt by you within.  I call this the realization of the manifest self, the personal self lived through by God’s divine energy of the Life Force.

This he taught privately, which appeared to be entirely contradictory to his public talks.  Privately, with students who were open to him, he suggested ways of being and actions that were 100% opposite of his public teachings of remaining aloof from the world and of one’s emotions.  Privately he encouraged people to become involved in the world and whatever their hearts seem to dictate.  In some cases, he tried to open a student’s heart Chakra by encouraging them to feel his love or love for him.  For others, like myself, he encouraged me to do things in the world to help the world. 

For those who were suffering deeply, he gave his public teachings that the world was not real, you are not real, your body was not real, your problems are not real, all of these were just appearances in consciousness, so do not identify with the body, but identify with the whole show.   But for students were quiet, too introverted, too lonely, too depressed, he tried to awaken their hearts and presumably some of them, their ambition, their compassion, and even their sexuality.  That is, he tried to sensitize people to who and what they are, and where they are going in life.  He did not want everybody to become an internalized zombie, denying the world.

But the general public never learned his secret teachings of being fully human, fully awakened in terms of fire, passion, sexuality, and all kinds of loving including parental, sibling, in romantic, anything that would really involve a more integrated person into the fabric of life and also awaken the Life Force, Shakti, within the body that made life worth living, experiencing exquisite energies, experiencing bliss, and the event of the life force, the divine, revealing itself within you as you.

These are the secret Tantric teachings of Robert Adams that no one who did not know him personally would ever know from reading his public teachings.  Robert was a closet Tantric, knowing that the transcendental teachings are easily embraced by those who are suffering greatly, but for certain others, the introverts, those with grief, those with sadness and depression, often the most powerful teachings, were to fall in love deeply, with complete surrender, complete devotion to another and once this level is obtained, consummated with ecstatic sexuality wherein God is experienced directly, powerfully, in ways that cannot be described. Of course, awakening the heart does not require sexuality, and awakening the sexual, the hara, or the third eye does not require either love or a sexual opening.  Each can be activated separately or in sequence, but all must be awakened before one knows themselves to the divine within.  But you do not find it; the actual experience is that Shakti, the Life Force, finds you.

The following video is to bring out the Tantric roots of Robert Adams and his lineage’s secret teachings, to make them more available to the world.


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