20 January 2018


Today I want to start turning our Satsang into a Sangha, a spiritual family where we get to know each other better.  So, at the end of Satsang, I will invite those who wish to, to introduce themselves, and encourage them to share a little of their background and interests.

Afterwards I will leave so that you can speak to each other.

Link: https://zoom.us/j/2950292557?pwd&status=success

I am trying to make clear the need for relational love as a way to find God within through loving another.  There are non-relational ways to such self-realization, but by that latter term I mean discovery of the divine inside your sense of presence and the internal emptiness, the Life Force.

Revelation of the Life Force within gives access to the most incredible power within, utter self-confidence, and the ability to totally surrender in worshiping love of the other, even if the other is a cat.

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