20 January 2016

The Way of the Falling Leaf

There are people who totally misunderstand my message on spiritual seeking, thinking I am siding with the Neo-Advaita do-nothings and know-nothings in their denial of spiritual paths and effort. Just because their are many spiritual paths with differing goals and experiences, yet everyone ends up where they started as ordinary humans confronting problems of everyday life, does not negate seeking and spiritual effort. Every moment of effort is transformative.

Anyone of integrity and honesty to self, who sincerely seeks truth, God, Self, or to understand Consciousness over a lifetime, and who comes to a position of rest, reaches rest because he has found what he did not know he was looking for, whatever that is for him. That path has transformed him into a different kind of ordinary man. The ordinary man who started at 0 degrees, is not t ordinary man of 360 degrees.

At the end of his path he has seen and experienced things 99% of the human race regards as pure fantasy, such as directly experiencing emptiness or the Void, the inner light of Consciousness, periods of great bliss, internal energies and healing, and has lost his primary identification with his body, identifying now more with different aspects of Consciousness, and different spiritual stations such as one of being totally surrendered to life in the moment, the relative disappearance of mind, yet living day to day with appropriate actions and attitudes, as well as recognizing that all life is precious.

He has truly been transformed with nothing special to do except to live out his life, letting it live through him rather than attempting to master or control anything. He is a renunciate who renounces nothing, a veritable vagabond with no path, no sustained desires, just touching earth in the gentlest way, and living in peace. He has been transformed into a cloudlike form, with continuous change totally embraced, forged by 20, 30, 40, 50 years of spiritual effort, and thereby transcending all teachings and all practices.

Therefore do not despair that your path is long and difficult. Do not despair that you know nothing, because all teachings and all spiritual states are eventually experienced as empty.

Do not fear that you will never find your way, nor chafe at the drive to endless spiritual practice. Not one minute of effort goes to waste and every obstacle is a blessing, forging, transforming. The key is perseverance and constant movement and growth until your specific spiritual path flowers through you.

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  1. Your words have such a powerful essence and drive to them, sailing like tremendous comets in the Heavens or hundreds of luminescent firefly's igniting within us... despair and darkness just disappear...ah! the Holy Grail. steve