26 January 2016

Kashmir Shaivism emphasizes a truth, a repeated experience, that one can remain idetified wiuth the day to day experiences of your body, or open up your field of experience through meditation and other spiritual practices, until you primarily dwell in the expanded, then universal Void, the totality of empty space, self-illuminated by the light of Consciousness itself. This is not a cold dry place, but one of a very calm joy and continuous background bliss, subtley pervading ...everything.

Then all objects, including your body, are apprehended as illumined Void, empty space itself, and your identification passes to that void rather than your body or possessions. 

You have broadened and expanded who and what you are.
This is exactly the same teaching as Advaita Vedanta in the end. Shaivites call if becoming Shiva. Vedantists call it residing in the Absolute. So few ever reach this. let alone going beyond it.

The paths are different in the beginning with Advaita emphasizing self-inquiry and abiding in the I-sensation, while the Shaivites emphasize energies and Tantric practices.  Practicing both is a miracle!

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