24 January 2016


FROM STEVE WHO IS DOING NICELY. He is passing through the overt bliss states of the bliss body to find a deeper bliss and peace.

Good Morning Sri Edji, Thank you for being here Master.

I seem to be losing interest in listening and feeling music all night long (for about 2 years now) and.don't need the blissful states, as there seems to be a deep underlying bliss that is always present anyway.

I am seeing the Earth and all the objects, things, experiences as predetermined stage plays. The play is always changing, coming and going people, places, events.

I am losing everything/belief systems.

Its weird and scary sitting back somewhere and watching all the mechanical people, cars, buildings, sky...everything just move to some invisible force.

And even this body is doing that shit too! This body is just a damn robot.

This is 'my' normal state a lot of the time now. Feel like I broke through a barrier.

I see my wife's emotions and mouth moving but it is just meaningless.

Right now the pets and beautiful little bugs, gnats, little worms, fish are most interesting but nothing else is.

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