28 January 2016

Some people feel confused by changes in my teaching.

Six years ago I spope of the Absolute versus the manifest including the world, body, and mind, and spoke of the path of self-inquiry through inner observation, and all that there is ultimately is emptiness. All objects, all the world and our bodies are permeated by a lighted emptiness.

Then I spoke of realizing the Manifest Self, divine sentience itself living thrhough the body. I spoke of finding God within, first perceived as Other, then seen as your own deeper Self. The manifest Self is found through devotion, love of other, and feelinh the explosion of light, energy, and bliss welling up from the dark depths of your Self.

For six years I taught this, how to realize that life fore, that inner light, that Shakti within through inner, feeling exploration of emotions, light the energy body, one's sense of presence. I taught self-inquiry through feeling, not looking, through love, not meditation, and self-inquiry, by focusing on the I-sensation, letting it grow into one's sense of presence ravealing the energy or Subtle body.

I truly believe that pursuit of an awakening the Manifest Self, actually of becoming aware of the Manifest Self within, and then is brought forth into the human world to bring love, light, compassion and service is the best teachings for our time, our era of a dying world filled with death, war, terrorism, mass shootings, and politics of corruption.

But, all that arises from within in terms of feeling relates to the body, which narrows down one's focus, contracts one's being into a body and relationships, and I am so much more than this.

By focusing on the I Am sensation, the energy body, love, sadness, depression, anger, and body sensations, I have found they all evaporate again, and there is only space, lighted emptiness, vast without border, wherein everything is seen/felt to be empty, and all concepts left behind. The yearning and burning, the big emotions, awakening gthe energy body, the heart and gut, realizing the divine within were necessary before stepping back into the Void, leaving nothing undone.

Without concepts there is no self, no Self, no inner, outer, manifest or unmanifest. There is just total freedom, and I cannot say I am any of this. There is no longer anything to identify with, even emptiness. Emptiness itself is empty, and exists only in the mind.

When thus I rest, I am everywhere and nowhere, coextensive with emptiness, yet not emptiness. I am not a witness anymore of emptiness, because there is no witness, nor is there identification with emptiness or the body. Identification is gone.

I only know there is nothing to be known calmly and equally resting in the unchanging Void and ever changing world. Like Almaas, like Nisargadatta, like Robert, I keep unfolding, changing, expanding.

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  1. I like your reference to Almaas, another wise one.

    Thank you, Ed.