04 January 2016


I am toying with the idea of holding Satsang again on Sundays at noon Arizona time.  I stopped about 10 months ago because so few were coming, and the effort to record Satsang, edit them, and post them to youtube was quite extensive.  If something does not grow, it dies.
If the feedback is very positive, we can start again.  But if it is as tepid as it was a year ago, I’ll do as I do now, and pay attention to those who come to Arizona to visit with me in person.


  1. that would be great my spiritual practice has ceased without you

  2. Yes. I just "found" you - would love to attend.

  3. I would also very much love to attend your satsang

  4. My work schedule conflicts with prety much any normal schedule. I watch all recorded Satsang-s available. I would like to try to format and post any other recordings that exist.
    Of course I would be there instead of sleeping when I'm not at work!

  5. I look forward to satsang. I hope it can start soon.

  6. Have you decided yet? I would like to join you if you do so
    David Morris
    New Orleans