17 January 2016

Robert Adams clearest espression of his teachings and path

Sadhana is like going to school. You have to start in kindergarten, go to the first grade, the fifth grade, junior high school, senior high school, college to university. This is true of sadhana. You practice one form of sadhana for years perhaps and then you may grow out of it to other forms, to higher forms. Until you come to the realization that there is no sadhana. All these years I've been spending standing on one foot with my arm in the air, chanting mantras, doing pranayamas has been unnecessary. Now you can only say this when you've arrived a certain place in life. The stronger you're attached to this earth the more sadhanas you have to do. But as you begin to lose attachment to this earth your form of sadhana changes. Your spiritual practices change. They become less and less. Since you're beginning to realize that you are the pure awareness. Does the pure awareness have to do sadhana? Or does God have to do spiritual practices?

You begin to feel your reality. The more you feel the reality of who you are the more the body keeps dropping away. Until again that day comes when you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you have no body. Yet the body appears. This part becomes a paradox when you try to use words to explain it. You have no body and at the same time you have a body. You appear to be demonstrating a body. Others see you as a body but you realize that this is a cosmic joke. For there is no body, there is no world, there is no universe, there is only consciousness, effortless, choiceless, pure awareness, boundless space.

Prior to total enlightenment you feel this about yourself. That you are consciousness, that you are not the body, you're absolute reality. As you go deeper into that, you become like boundless space. You no longer are confined to a place. There is no longer confinement. Now the body appears like a jail for you. You appear confined to your body. It's like you're in prison. There is no freedom. As you come closer to enlightenment, you begin to realize you are not the body but you still feel confined without a body. Then the final stage you become the Self of everything.You realize that you are in the trees, the ocean, the planets, the stars you are everything.You have become all-pervading, omnipresence. Yet when people look at you, you seem to be a body. So you keep silent. You do not try to explain yourself or prove anything.There is no longer anything you have to do. You are completely out of it.

Now why would you want to become like this? What is the purpose of being this way? If you've heard about bliss, the peace beyond understanding, you have become that, total happiness.The substratum behind all existence is total joy, total happiness, total peace, bliss consciousness. This is your real nature this is what you are.

Robert Adams

This too is my experience.  I had a five year adventure into the worlds of the Subtle or energy Body, healing energies, long periods of great bliss and energies, the astral worlds, etc.  But now, only expanse, space, totality, pervasiveness.  There is bliss too, but one far more subtle than before.  But I do get irritated when the world tries to drag me back into a focus on it with its endless problems, thinking, noise, discussion, and non-harmony.

If you want peace, be quiet and go within.  Feel the I Am, let it grow, let the energies blossom, feel the ecstasies and love, and then let it all go; let them all evaporate into non-differentiated spaciousness and the peace of being at rest in unbounded, undifferentiated awareness.

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