08 January 2016


I started working in government during graduate school, and even got an M.A. in Public Management. I was an urban planner working for multiple state and municipal agencies over decades. I was heavily inevolved in politics in Cleveland, Detroit, national unions, th cities of Los Angelesanta Monica, the state of California, and as operations anager of Jerry Brown's 1992 presidential campaign. That is, I have been involved in government for nearly five decades.

My conclusion: The is no reason to trust government on any level, muniucipal, county, state, federal. There is no reason to trust the legal system on any level.

Corruption, lying, nepotism, cronyism, favoritism exists on all levels of government at least as severe as in private industry.

Just take a look at Chris Critie's New Jersey, NY politics, Chicago's mayor, the criminal justice system's war on blacks, 1,200 cop killings a year, Obama's dismal failure to control Wall Street, etc. Anyone who "trusts" that governments actually are there for the people, has not actually worked in government.

Local, state, and federal employees almost always are motivated to keep their jobs by shifting blame for failures, lying, pushing for larger public pensions, lying to the public just about everything.

The legal system is pervaded by cronyism, corruption, favoritism, bribery, extortion, lying cops and prosecutors, etc.

There is no reason to trust Obama, the Democrats, or the Republicans about anything. I don't trust them about guns, taxes, welfare, fair law enforcement, and never trust them about what they really think as opposed to expressed programs and policy.

Government are the minions of the wealthy, and of their own corruption.

In such a world, one has to be self-protective and self-sufficient, hopefully by creating communities where people create mutual support systems of legal aid, self-defense, and alternatives supply of food and infrastructure maintenance, such as some religious comunities are doing with hydroponics, and internal self-regulation. No sinle man or woman, even well-armed, can stand against the state.

Cooper was obviously talking about an almost universal fear and anger against the state that has failed America by not providing a fair deal for all, and Obama and this author sweeps aside these fears as just craziness.

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  1. Reading this after watching highly acclaimed Netflix documentary series Making a Murderer is pure gold. Thank you.