18 May 2015

There is no "True" knowledge until you have the pure, uncontaminated knowledge of the Self. Before that there is only symbolic knowledge, third hand knowledge learned from textbooks, or second hand knowledge learned from one’s own experience.

But knowing the Self is entirely different; it is the pure knowing of the sage where you realize the identity of Self and Knowledge.

This is not a state of realization that can be gained through awakening of the Kundalini or Tantra. It is not obtained through the Not-Knowing of Zen, or the emptiness of Buddhism. 

It is 100% opposite to neo-Advaita.

It is an entirely different path.

In this path one just listens to the truth of Self, both of the Manifest Self, which is mostly ignored by Buddhism and neo-Advaita and is the sense of the divine awareness/consciousness within, and of the Unmanifest Self--the Witness prior to Consciousness.

Then you let the truth sink in over time and begin a long period of self-inquiry with observation and with feeling within for the sensation of I-Am, of I-exist!

Then, one day, for whatever reason or whatever trigger, you experience the Manifest Self of God embodied in you, which leads inevitably to the realization of the Noumenal Self that witnesses all this: that one who lies prior to Consciousness.

Once you have tasted this true knowledge of Self, the discovery of your identity with God as embodied Self, and the world, and the Witness, everything changes.

Confusion vanishes; certainty takes its place; every moment you know who and where you are. God is in you and you are in God. Emptiness is in you, and you are in emptiness. Bliss is within you, and you are within bliss. You become as solid as Mt. Everest. Unmovable even while moving.


  1. Hi Edji,
    " Manifest Self of God embodied in you, which leads inevitably to the realization of the Noumenal Self"

    Does this transformation from Manifest Self to "that one who lies prior to Consciousness" occur gradually?

    With some Indian Guru's upon awakening to the Witness, books I have read, it said the person was awakened as if a thunderbolt hit him and "he didn't utter a word for 10 years." as in Lakshammany Swamy's case. They make it sound like these poor guys/gals become incapacitated and cannot even feed themselves... Is this an exaggeration?
    Wouldn't they have various experiences of the Manifest Self before this thunderbolt?
    I know the Indians like to dress it up a bit but isn't it a gradual transformation from the first realization of the Manifest Self to the Absolute " one who lies prior to Consciousness?"

  2. It can be either way. For me, both the realization of the Manifest Self, and the Noumenal Self were like thunderbolts. Yes, both caused periods of dysfunction, but there were also dysfunction prior to the awakenings.

    Focus on the inside almost always leads to dysfunction on the outside; true spiritual seekers know this intuitively, although they may bitch about the dysfunction because of a lot of internalized "shoulds" from parents and society. It is the shoulds that have to go, and the dysfunction welcomed as one's internal world is being flushed clean and purified.