29 May 2015

Just because everything happens in the now, does not mean it does not take time to explore and understand what is happening in the now.

Exploration of the now through introspection and meditation reveals vast inner dimensions that open when the inner world is made the object of our attention which are not evident upon just cursory attention.

The same with the external world.

You can attend to it as Krishnamurti advises by being highly attentive to it alone without the intermediary of thought and conditioning, which gives the external world a new rawness, a new boldness, and great beauty.

Or, we can explore the external world in a million ways with a million disciplines such as physics, chemistry, geography, sociology, anthropology, genetics, neural sciences, medicine, zoology, oceanography, astronomy and cosmology, metalurgy, ornithology, geology, and forestry.  Millions of ways and methods exist to explore the world and all take time and thinking.

Yet many, many, gurus of the stupid eschew mind and the value of thought in exploration of either the outer or inner world and say all searching and exploration take you from a place of peace and rest.  So they say, "Just stop thinking and exploring, and just be," as if that sentence alone helped anyone stop doing anything or solved any problem.  It doesn't.  It just sets you on a new course towards the goal of doing nothing, and I saw what that did for Robert's Sangha.  It resulted in a deadening of interest in the external world as well as the internal world.

For other New Age or neo-Advaita gurus it can mean an intense focus on external world experience in the now, or internal world experience in the now but without the time-binding glue of understanding.  Mere observation only creates a duality and makes it impossible for any experience to be entered in the Self---our subjective heart of hearts, our essence, our vulnerability.

Thus the crux of my teachings is focused on how to allow experiences into our hearts, where it moves us, sweeps us away, caresses us, touches us deeply, magically, tenderly.

Keeping this state of tenderness is the hardest thing for most.


  1. Dear Ed, it seems to me, you are on the right way. For I agree with you that we do not project this world. How arrogance can the human mind be! How deluded these salvation teachings. Just sit and watch your self? Doing nothing, just be? I have been there believe me! And for what? For bliss? What bliss? Sex and money, o God, I was looking for myself, not for God and now I regret. I thought to be my own master to in charge of myself. And yes Krishnamurti teach us evolutionism and the thinker created God. That there is no God who created out of love human. No, in the ugly universe of Krishnamurti we are monkeys. I have study Krishnamurti intens for 30 years. And I DROPPED it all. Now God have touched my heart. He gave me out of mercy, for I do not deserve this, for I am a sinner, He gave me, unseen but clearly a Kiss in my heart. Now I see, not with my eyes. Not with my mind. But with my heart that there is Love! There is mercy. There is a way out. There is God. And that there is also evil. Immens deep, black, dead evil. And evil is a person. Like God, not some kind of mental conditioning, no evil is real and is like God a person. He is satan. And he is ruling this world. We call him also ego. But there is a way out. Christ has clearly lay out for us and invites us to follow Him. Not some foggy mystical christianity. But alive today, cristal clear in the Holy Spirit. Human is not able to break the gripp of the black hand of satan by himself. Not by meditation. Not by selfinquiry, not by Guru's, not by Krishnamurty not by anything offers by this world and not by mind. This is all satan in a fallen world. The way out is pure grace. The way out is by deep repentence, prayer and real deep humilty for God who created us out of His love. All else is vanitas, that is anti-Christ, satan, Lucifer. And he is having a big time (Revelation 12:10-13). Christ prayed for us to His Father (John 17:20-26). It is so beautifull to see the reality in Christ. I searched for love all my live and never find it but in Christ. There is no greater love. For He is Love itself. There is a Holy Tradition over 2000 years of Christianity. Alive for example by the monks on mount Athos. But today there is Christianity and christianity. There is also an empty christianity. A church without a Holy Spirit. So one has to trace back... Jezus Christ the only begotten Son of God the Father invites us to follow Him. That is the only way out. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen. I send you my love, goodbye Ed, dennis.

    1. Dennis, If God is Almighty (ALL) then how can Evil, Satan, Deep, Black, Person be separate?
      Maybe this darkness you see is really just a part of you that you refuse to accept so Blame something else as responsible for it.
      The Bible has been so twisted by the Popes and Churches to make it a far cry from what Jesus Really said.
      If a soldier is in a war and is killing innocent women and children is that because Satan comes out of no-where, possesses the soldier and makes him do such things?
      Or is it because inherent within him a darkness that has been revealed?


  2. Dear Steve,
    In order to understand the real Church and the scripture you have to trace back in church history. Unfortunattly the Roman Catholic church is part of the misstaken worldly interpretations of the Scriptures. One has to go back and with grace start looking with the eyes of the heart. We can not enter the Kingdom of God with our minds. If one realy trace back and start in a humble way with reading the scripture. Church history sinds Christ and ond starts praying... Then we allow God also to work unseen but unmistakable in our hearts. Then we start see that we live in a fallen world with dominations of evil. That there is Light and darkness. 'And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness die not comprehend it (John 1:5). Unbelievable but true. My love in Christ, d.