09 May 2015


Hi Edward, I've been loving your posts, your honesty is exhilarating!

We've had some developments at the Ashram which you most likely have heard about.

Because of the backlash of hate speech in social media against Swamiji, the organisation, Shiva School of Meditation has sadly gone into liquidation.

Those of us who have stayed have continued to do the work our beloved Guru has taught us and have greatly missed his Satsang. Last week, after a month’s break we had a wonderful private Satsang.  It was not our intention to incite those who have left; we kept it small and did not publicize it so as not to cause reaction.

Of course, this event got out and a lot of ugly reaction followed, including a cowardly attack on the ashram grounds on Tuesday night around 2am. All the beautiful statues were destroyed, gardens trampled and the ashram residents left terrified. Someone even entered one of the kurtirs, opening bedrooms and slamming doors as they exited.

A question has arisen for me, are these perpetrators Victims or terrorists? They are full of hatred and violence and want nothing more than to destroy Swamiji and the incredible teachings that have allowed his devotees great transformation. My heart feels sick at the lengths some are going to.

I have known quite a lot of victims of crime in my life and never observed the level of malice or self righteous vitriol coming out of these people's minds, straight into social media.

I'm reminded constantly by something you said "there is no place for morals in spirituality" It's opening my mind up in so many ways observing this situation and trying to see it as a divine play, which of course, it must be. Love Z.

Ed’s Response:

Dear Z, Amazing!!! Shocking!!!

If anything, it proves Shankarananda was doing something right to provoke such hatred and animosity.

The world is accustomed to a certain degree of light and darkness, and when someone upsets that balance, they are attacked and often destroyed.
Look at Osho. Look at what happened to Krishnmurti's organization after
he died and to my own teacher's.

My own teacher, Robert Adams, use to say, "I have to be careful about what I say, or I would be destroyed."

To My Sangha:

Sw. Shankarananda was never a revolutionary.  He was never provocative. Always low key, sardonic, and a showman.

It just goes to prove if this could happen to him, it could happen to any teacher.  Imagine what could happen around a really revolutionary firebrand teacher who also talks about removing morals from spirituality and adding politics?  Anyone know anyone like that?

Sometimes Shakti has a way of putting one of its proponents of light off-balance to lead them in a new direction.  Shankarananda has two choices: fade away in obscurity and well-deserved retirement in Ausatralia, or return to the U.S. and start over.

I have invited him to join me the Phoenix where we could raise some real hell.  I told him that I live on a golf course where I can see zombies and malevolent ex-students coming from 300 yards away.  A few other of his and my friends and former Siddha Yoga followers live in Phoenix.
Few know that he and I were born just days apart a few hundred miles from each other.

Come on Shankarananda, come here and we’ll raise real hell!

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