01 May 2015


Steve to me:

Edji,   currently I feel a smoother blend.    All the feelings and energies and the watcher are right here too!  I don't know what  feels better but it feels very natural.    There is more of  me.   Balanced  but ever changing.  Let it come.

It is the separation that causes all difficulty. If Jesus ever mentioned 'heaven on earth'   this is it.

Ed’s Response:

Yes, they are altogether in one experience, but being separable by being attentive to changes and details.

Some talk of one experience, an indivisible flow. Others look into the flow and find fish, turtles, flowing water, eddies, waves, clarity or cloudy, the underlying ground of earth.

Of course, both are true. It depends on whether your mind is analytic so that you naturally ferret out details and differences within the one experience, or you are content to relax and drift within the flow.

Both ways generate great saints and both cover the same subject--one globally, the other globally with differentiation.

I have done both, but I most appreciate the path of oneness that also allows the acceptance of myself as a separate human being living as best I can within a complex and sometimes dangerous world. And in my humanity, I am aware of the Self within.

It is this experience of a greater Self within that makes the whole experience of life worthwhile, because I am aware of the engine that drives the whole complex existence. I as human am aware of the divine within me, sentience, self-awareness, awareness, which also is my core. God and I are one through shared sentience, and since we share sentience, the life force, awareness, all creatures merely by the fact of their existence are also one with me. How can I help do other than love them? They are me. We share the same life force, the same sentience, the same life mundane and life divine.

As we look deeper into our experience by looking within instead of outside of ourselves, we find a whole new universe within entirely compatible with and underlying the universe outside of us.

Cosmologists and physicists look without themselves and map the universe according to the laws of physics. We mystics look within, some content to just flow with the one experience without seeking the inner mechanisms, others looking for the mechanisms of Self and inner existence.

The next phase for us as explorers is to find the linkages between the inner maps we find and the outer maps of science. This is God exploring himself, knowing himself through us, and by doing this everyone grows up.

O for the life divine.

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