21 May 2015

From a scientist. It is right on.

Dear Ed, I agree it is a sad state of affairs now, especially in the "spiritual" world. I made my living in science where every bias, every idea and every pet theory was questioned. Very tough on the ego but very conducive for reaching the truth. Scientists however are not generally interested in spiritual matters and tend to be hyper intellectual with a very weak and hidden "feeling" side. They sometimes can't feel anything and can have no emotional connection to people.

The spiirtual marketplace of today is almost completely free of thinking. Very little questioning is going on. Only following and worshiping. People are sometimes being lead by thinly veiled egotists or leaders that are very insecure. You have to be very careful nowadays. Questioning is very much forbidden in spiritual groups, like it is in most dysfunctional families. 



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  1. Yes, I have a first cousin who's a very accomplished geneticist, probably among a handful of the most brilliant researchers around these days. Yet she is simultaneously one of the most spiritually barren people I know even with the knowledge. But whatever "spiritual" connection she might attest to is simply her lifelong conditioned attachment to a strictly Jewish "ideology" which leaves no room for questioning any of its tenets, historical accuracy(as is stated in the Old Testament), reasons for Holiday practices, etc. It seems to have long been consistent with a rigid Conservative political stance(i.e., unwavering support for Israel no matter what). But there is also this apparent lack of empathy toward those who don't fit in with this belief system(well, quite predictably so because the Judeo-Christian focus on the individual self means one is held accountable and judgement about that self makes another either a "winner" to be lauded or a "loser" to be condemned).