17 May 2015

I am mad again. Once again I am hungry for knowledge, not of my of my perceived Self, the I-Am and that with which it identifies, nor of the Witness beyond Consciousness. But now I am mad--hungry--to understand the relationships between my inner perception of my Manifest Self, the external world that I perceive, and the world as explained by theoretical physics--the world of general relativity, quantum field theory, brane theory, etc.
My intuition is there is a connection. Not the one that every other spiritual teacher points to by saying there is only one experience because there is no separate self, or there only is Shakti, or only God. These tell me nothing except giving me a name. Everything is one = everything is God = everything is Shakti, etc. No real information exists in these sentences.
A hunger for knowledge for example, of the nature of space as experienced inside myself, the inner emptiness, the space around me in my everyday world, and the space portrayed by field equations and Riemannian Geomtery in General relativity and the folded dimensions of Quantum Mechanics.
The mysterious thing is that physics describes the universe in terms of equations, mathematics, which appears to be able to describe the universe and predict physical phenomena as a test of the reality of that mathematical model, such as a nuclear bomb. Why? Why is it that God appears to follow or be mathematics, while psychology and our inner worlds no not?
This is so wonderful! My mind is hungry again to know everything, and the reason is, like Nisargadatta I have tasted what pure knowledge--Truth--tastes like upon Self-Realization. I "feel" more deeply into existence than 50 years ago when I studied Einstein's universe. I am now better equipt, and not being in school, I can follow my own ways.


  1. Dear Ed, there is a relatively unknown and obscure ex-Jungian named Remo Roth who addresses this in a most unusual way which honors both science and meditation. He addresses the issues of science and the transcendental in a very new way which is not likely to be understood by many. I found him a wonderful bridge between the meditation or contemplation based on feeling and science. I find he supports your approach but from a very different perspective. Your background in psychology might help you find a meeting ground with him. He addresses intellectualism in Jungian psychology and in other eastern approaches to wholeness. He fully embraces a "feeling" approach to meditation, healing and understanding of self. But what makes him unusual is his way of dealing with physics and science and making the link between discovery thru meditation on feeling and quantum physics. He has a Phd in mathematics and studied with Marie Von Franz. I am not crazy about intellectual Jungians but neither is he and he finds in them the same problems that arise in spiritual practice when feeling is ignored. He has several books but his website is very good and worth a read. It takes some time to understand his terminology but it is worth the time. here is the website:

    If your are looking for an intellectual challenge that is fully supportive of spiritual practice check this out.

    Best Regards