22 February 2014

Self-Realization through devotional self-inquiry

Forget what you have read about enlightenment and self-realization,  There are many spiritual paths and many endpoints that have nothing in common.  There is no one"enlightenment."  Even Self-Realization is of two kinds: Absolute or ultimate Witness that is unseeable, unknowable, and unmanifest, and the manifest Self, aka Atman, Shakti, Sentience, I, or me.

Zen, most Buddhism, neo Advaita and other paths have nothing to do with the manifest Self.  It does not exist for them.  They talk about beingness, the Now, the Witness, emptiness, nothingness, etc., but are adamant that a Self does not exist, at least a manifest Self, either of the human variety, or of Atman, God embodied in the flesh, which is also us.

Traditional Advaita, Sufism, Chrisitanity, Hinduism, and a few others, talk about a Self, or Atman, that is both human and divine.

This video is about devotional advaita leading to realization of oneself as both human and divine shared Consciousness or Self-awareness by use of loving and devotional self-acceptance through self-abiding.

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  1. Thank you so much for recording and posting these videos! I can't always make Satsang and listening to these words and feeling myself through them is the medicine I so need! You answer my questions regarding practice again and again as I listen to your words. Thank you for these inner feelings of love!

    love, rich