17 February 2014


I've only been half way in my body for my whole life. I'd like to be a fully embodied human being, woman even, before I die. No time any more for self pity. I want to get dirtier, not be purified.

When I was married, at a very young age, my husband, a naturopathic doctor, nearly purified me to death with colonics, kelation therapy, sex therapy, carbigen therapy....this one was particularly gruesome, breathing in carbon monoxide until you start to suffocate which then throws your consciousness out of the body. That was supposed to solve my problems with dissociation. Surprising to him, I dissociated into catatonia instead.

Spare me from any more communal cults, Kundalini practice, fasting, wheat grass and generally everything for cleansing one's soul or colon! Especially the "Implosive Self Inquiry Technique" that Rajiv has created. Just shoot me instead, it would be more merciful!

OK diatribe is over. Wow I feel better, lighter. No special uniforms, robes, kasas, crowns or bejeweled Tiaras either.

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