26 February 2014

Is there a "Real" Self, or does the Self have many aspects and dimensions?

What is Self? Some say there is a "real Self" apparently different from a false one, an ego. But after Self-Realization comes the KNOWLEDGE that all is Self. The sense of I Am, of identity, appears to deepen and broaden and gradually includes everything, including transcendent aspects of Self Like the Subtle, Causal, and Love/Bliss (Turiya) bodies of classical Advaita, and even beyond that, parabrahman, the Absolute, the Witness.

But Robert used to say these were just words. What is your experience of your Self? Do you have one? Have you investigated the I Am sense and found bliss, ecstasies, joy, incredible energies that seem to liberate the body as well as one's sense of presence? The technique of loving and following the I Am sensation to the root of one's being opens a new world of knowledge, and of Knowing, even without an object to be known, as well as pure Love, without an object to love. All of these things are within you if you look for them, as well as a sense of completion, joy, and groundedness.

Link: http://youtu.be/Q2ZmGoYvqyM

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