27 February 2014

Bentinho Massaro Versus Unshakable Self-Realization

Only about 1/3 of this video offers a critique of Massaro's teachings and methods. The rest of the Satsang is about going deeper into one's inner world, following the I Am sensation with love, acceptance, and invitation, arriving finally at the Bliss/Body, the Source of I Am, AKA Turiya, or Atman, or Krishna Consciousness.

This is so far from the material and relationship successes that Bentinho touts as the goal of life: continued successful actualizing one's desires for continual happiness in this world.  It just does not work that way.

You have to go far deeper than the 5 second inwardness he preaches will allow you to go.  It requires dedication, but also a softness, an acceptance of yourself all the way down to your roots.

Some say there is no Self, and this is the big thing now in spirituality, but there is, and you can find it.  You, the searching Self can find your own Self, and thereby discover that it is grounded in the divine.  Just as Christ was both Jesus and God, so are you.

This discovery requires more than 3 to 5 seconds.

Our way is that of devotional Advaita, using love to accelerate Self-Realization, love of another, of God, of a child or an animal.  It can be turned within to love one's own Self, and thereby entice it to reveal itself to you.

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