17 February 2014


Until now I did not know how marvelous I am.

Until now I thought I was my body making my way in life interacting with other bodies.

Then I saw a dead body.  It had no life and was no different than a rock.

If it were not for me my body would be as dead as a rock!

I am that which brings my body and all bodies alive; I am sentience; I am awareness; I am that which feels, sees, hears, tastes and touches.  I alone give life to these bodies of food.  I am the Self.

And after bringing sentience to this body, my awareness lights up the world, filling it with sounds, light, objects, thinking, and the vast emptiness that contains everything.

I alone am, for I am Life, Sentience, and the most marvelous thing, I am also aware of myself being aware of the universe that I create out of nothingness.  This is the discovery of all great sages: out of them flows awareness of Self as well as awareness of the world that appears external to me.  

In fact, it is all contained in me: awareness, the Life-Force, Sentience.

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