29 December 2012

For Satsang Today--Phenomena of Consciousness

External World (Object of Senses)

Gross Body as observed from without

Subtle Body

                 Body as perceived from within
Images and imagination
“Energies” Kundalini, Chi, Prana
Inner space/unillumined darkness
Inner Light and lights of consciousness
Inner space, illumined—Imaginal Space

     Relative Moving Void

     Unmoving Void which is a reflection of the Absolute within the      subtle body

                 Sense of Presence (The I-Sense Expanded)

Causal Body—The Unknowing

Dark space

Available as sleep when it comes from without passively

Available consciously by going deep within, beyond and below the subtle body

Head becomes hard like rock. No thoughts, sinking into nothingness, even lose self awareness

Return to waking awareness and remembrance of not knowing

Turiya, the Fourth State


Self awareness

Pure Knowing

Bliss, Ecstasy, Love

No Witness state/Oneness

The Absolute/”The Witness” Turiyatta, or Beyond Turiya

Cannot be experienced

Cannot be known

Is the Noumenal Source of the above 4 bodies

Can only be “known of” by apperception and Intuition

Or, you become the Absolute.


  1. Thanks Ed, today's satsang was a real treat!

    See I don't even need to write to you any more (though I certainly will, I've just been so busy recently...) - you talk about things that fit my current situation anyway.

    I'll be going on a little meditation holiday next week, so your very methodical talks this and last time were so helpful and inspiring :)

    It was eerie to hear you use almost the exact same words for the deeper meditative states (beyond the causal body) as my last teacher even though he's from a totally different tradition.
    Can't wait to experience it for myself...

    Funny also that you mentioned aikido today, I've been doing that for some time. I find it's really great for exercising but developing the subtle body aspect of it is even harder than the gross body-level aikido.

    Lakshmi looks really cute and happy with her white coat and her scrubby black hair... so good you kept her alive :)

    Thanks everybody for being at satsang!
    Dabby dabby facebook love <3 <3 <3

  2. Too bad.. I missed this lovely satsang..