28 December 2012

Deeya Needs Help Again

Deeya has three dogs, Fawnie, Freddie and Fuji, their daughter. Less than a week ago Fawnie collapsed and was nearly lifeless.  I, and our sangha, and all of you sent Fawnie healing energy, and she snapped back within hours and is absolutely fine now.

However, now exactly the same thing has happened with Freddie, except it is worse.  Freddie's vet is doubtful he'll last through the night.  His kidney and liver functions show both organs failing, and his white blood count is off the charts.  There appears to be some massive infection.  He will be with a nurse all night.



Freddie has just collapsed like Fawnie did about an hour ago.   But it looks even worse.  His eyes fixed and he went rigid.  Emergency vet came out to the house and is very concerned about how flat and unresponsive he is.  They took him to the hospital and will keep him there to run tests and have him on fluids.  The vet does not think he'll survive the night.


         Freddie is the dog in front; Fuji is behind him

All three dogs are nearly 14 years old. We feel they may be reacting to Deeya's upcoming, extended stay in California.  They have never been separated except for a few weeks and Deeya was contemplating staying for a few months. If we can pull Freddie through this crisis, we'll work on bringing her dogs to Los Angeles also.

Please, try to feel Freddie inside of you, in your heart.  Wrap him in love and healing energy as we did with Fawnie.

Thank you so much!

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  1. Dear Deeya,

    Hope the best for your beautifull dogs. They look very friendly. Make the picutere as background on my PC so I see them many times and it feels good.