24 December 2012

Test Your Healing Powers

This photo is of "Fawnie," one of three of Deeya's dogs.  She is very ill.  Fawnie is in Scotland and it is wet and cold. Try to feel her in your hearts and send healing energy. I don't know why but I feel very close to Fawnie.  Look at that face and her eyes. She reminds me of my own dog, Pepper.


  1. Fritzji is sending Big Warm Love to bake away the damp chill. I pray for Fawaniji - and her Deeya - Christmas Healing <3

  2. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! :-)

    The EXTRAORDINARY HEALING POWER of your HEARTFELT LOVE has had the deepest of IMPACT on my Beloved little Fawnie who is completely and utterly rejuvenated today!!!

    Yesterday Fawnie collapsed on me and was limp and lifeless. In fact, she didn't even recognise me at all.

    My Heart was breaking as I felt her life force leaving me ... and I cried and cried with Edji as I held her, fading fast in my arms.

    Thankfully, she slept peacefully with me throughout the night enfolded in the LOVE of all of you ...

    I'm so happy to report that she awoke this Christmas morning with a puppy-like spring in her step and the sparkle fully restored in her sweet eyes!

    In fact, she was right back to bouncing around with her husband and daughter (Freddie and Fuji) and even ate THREE full Christmas dinners today, yes THREE! My Three Muskateers!

    My beautiful Satsang Family, I LOVE and appreciate you all SO MUCH for giving me the greatest Christmas gift I EVER received. I got my Beloved doggie back!

    I Love each and every one of you, please never underestimate the Power of your Loving Presence!

    All for One and One for All,