18 December 2012

Marie, Rosa, Ron and Itta Need Christmas Help

Besides feeding homeless cats myself, I give food to four individuals that feed almost 350 cats in over 70 colonies. One of them is Marie. Many months ago her work hours were cut substantially reducing her income. She feeds over 140 cats. I prepared a flyer for her to take around to pet stores to increase her support above and beyond what I give her, which is about 18 large bags of kibble and about 200 cans of food a month.  Very few have responded to the flyer so I am posting it here.  Meet Marie:

Hi, My name is Marie,

I NEED YOUR HELP!  I feed and help take care of the health needs of over 140 feral cats in 27 different locations throughout Northridge and Canoga Park.  Three colonies have 20 or more cats. I work with several people on spay/neutering many of these cats. I am 66 years old.

A year ago, Jimmy, who had been feeding about 50 cats, moved away and it was left to me to feed his cats also.

My income from employment and social security is extremely limited and I receive help in the form of food from friends.  But I use over 35 large bags of hard food and about 30 cases of canned food a month, for well over $750 per month. Then there are the additional costs of paper plates and gasoline.  My old car broke down and I had to buy a new one and now have monthly car payments and increased insurance. I am over my head financially and stress wise.

If you can donate cat food or money I, and 140 cats, would deeply appreciate it, even more if someone can help me feed these cats.

My Cell is:  818 349-5682         

Ed: You can help Marie directly by calling her and talking to her, or donate directly from this blog on the Paypal link here for our nonprofit, We Are Sentience, and mark "For Marie" on your donation.

Marie is one of four.  Rosa feeds about 100 cats and also does trapping and rescue for Marie.  Ron and Itta feed about 50 cats each.  All three are jobless due to physical disabilities, or lost their job due to the recession.  When you are in your 60s, it is hard to find new jobs.

Isn't ironic that those who have so little give so much?

Marie feeding 5 cats at a shopping center in Northridge.

She did not want her face shown as many people object to people feeding ferals near their homes.

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  1. I am just in awe of what you and the other feeders do. This is the very heart of compassion and love. Wish I could help a lot instead of a little. Bless you all.