20 December 2012

Saturday's Satsang and Some Comments

Markus Kasunich:  Thank you Edji for one of the most beautiful, heartfelt Satsangs that I have ever attended anywhere... Your message of deepening into the depths of your own beingness combined with Self love is profound and transformational... I am grateful for your presence in my life...

R.C.:  There is something about an in-person satsang that is special.  It's not as easy to feel the wamth that you exude in the online format.  But either way, it is a boon to be in attendance.  It's much easier to come from the heart.  Funny how priorities change when this is so.  The excuses that my mind manufactures to put off doing some things have much less influence.  I don't get as much "stuff" done, but what is done is quite wonderful to be a part of.

D.: A day later and still in Satsang. Ohh Expert in Elicit Exquisiteness! Satisfaction and Completion beyond Allness as We float in Atonement, Splendor and Wonderment, full and fat like cats that got their thick, clotted, indulgent  cream…. And always the question 'HOW COULD there possibly be MORE!!!?'

P: Yesterday was my first ever Satsang with you and I felt at home in your Presence. Your energy is very much feel-able. It was penetrating through the layers of me especially when you were looking at me and answering my questions. I will always cherish the moment wearing that 'Rudraksha mala' from your hands. I started reflecting on your saying that working with love & subtle energies is the way to go.

I tried to expand the feeling of love for my daughter and I noticed that my feeling of existence grew stronger and tangible. I was having anxieties over my daughter’s health.  All these anxieties disappeared since my love for her deepened.

R: Dearest Edji,  Thank you so much for giving of your time and wisdom at yesterday's satsang. I appreciated all you had to say but I especially appreciate the loving example you set for your people. That to me is what a spiritual teacher should be, he/she should embody and radiate love that has a transforming effect on those who have contact with the teacher. This is what I witnessed yesterday and what I aspire to. Hopefully the grace of  Guru Edji and the grace of God will lead me there.

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