25 December 2012


From Deeya:

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! :-) 

The EXTRAORDINARY HEALING POWER of your HEARTFELT LOVE has had the deepest of IMPACT on my Beloved little Fawnie who is completely and utterly rejuvenated today!!! 

Yesterday Fawnie collapsed on me and was limp and lifeless. In fact, she didn't even recognise me at all. 

My Heart was breaking as I felt her life force leaving me ... and I cried and cried with Edji as I held her, fading fast in my arms.

Thankfully, she slept peacefully with me throughout the night enfolded in the LOVE of all of you ...

I'm so happy to report that she awoke this Christmas morning with a puppy-like spring in her step and the sparkle fully restored in her sweet eyes! 

In fact, she was right back to bouncing around with her husband and daughter (Freddie and Fuji) and even ate THREE full Christmas dinners today, yes THREE! My Three Muskateers!

My beautiful Satsang Family, I LOVE and appreciate you all SO MUCH for giving me the greatest Christmas gift I EVER received. I got my Beloved doggie back! 

I Love each and every one of you, please never underestimate the Power of your Loving Presence!

All for One and One for All,



Tawnie's healing is a sign for me.  My most beloved cat, Satchi, died during October 1997, about six months after Robert. She had been sick with kidney failure for six months.  I had decided that I would do everything to keep her alive.  I felt if I loved her enough and took care of her enough, I could keep her alive and bring her back to health.

But I failed.  One day she started to slip into a coma and I felt her telling me she was going.  She died that day.  

I was devastated. I felt my love had failed her.  Love was not as strong as the powers of dissolution and death, or at least my love.  I lost confidence in myself and went into a deep depression from which it took three years to recover.

Tawnie's failing right before my eyes when I saw her with Deeya on Skype brought back those memories.  I felt such love for Tawnie, and broke open in crying.  I felt her so strongly in my heart and also how much Deeya was hurting. Then I just opened towards Tawnie and loved her, tried to bring her back.  I told others about her, especially Lila, who felt and held Tawnie off and on for the entire night.

Many of you out there did the same and I am so grateful, as it has somewhat restored my faith in love as a healer, remotely over Skype or phone. More importantly, it restored my faith in my own love as healing.  I feel such gratitude now.


  1. The Guru is in fact the Greatest of all "HEALERS."
    Gu = dark (ignorance), Ru = the pure Light of Jnana.
    Through His GRACE, through His LOVE, through the vehicle of Bhakta, He TRANSMUTES ...
    He INVITES you into His vibrational field.
    As you venture closer and closer STILL, you ATTUNE to His frequency, to His PURITY.
    You RESONATE with That POWER, ABIDE in the current of the Bloodline, of the Lineage,
    That KNOWS your way on ...

    I Bow to my HEALER, my dog's healer. And to you who are healers ...

    "He is my refuge and my fortress,
    My God;
    In Him I TRUST." (Psalm 91)

  2. Dogs are amazing. If I was religious I'd say that they are a gift from God. I am handfeeding my old ailing dog 6 times a day nowadays. One day at a time!

  3. My own experience with healing at a distance has surprised me by showing me that there is no distance, no "remote", no "sending energy" anywhere. Tawnie is an image in consciousness, and surprisingly, so am I. It is enjoyable to love these images, and maybe love is not that different from healing energy. At least, that's the way it seems to me.

    Blessings to all of us, now and in the year ahead.