25 August 2012


Saturday, August 25, at 6 PM Pacific time, 9 PM Eastern Daylight Savings time.

Enter the password: edji

This will take you to a page with a lot of instructions and a large grey box with a rotating “eye.” It will again ask you for a password. Use the word “edji.”

It will then offer four ways to enter the chatroom, click on “guest.”

It will ask you for a user name. Use any name you want.

You will then come to the chat screen, and in the upper left corner, there is a blue button labeled: Start Broadcasting. Click it.

Then it will ask what camera and microphone you want to use, or it will start one for you automatically.


Ten people are allowed on screen at once, and another 90 are allowed to here Satsang but not have their videos us. You can choose not to have your video up if you want to sneak in as someone else and not be seen.

Please prepare to be open and share.


  1. If you've been experiencing problems with the "room", one thing to make sure of is if you have other video applications open (such as Skype) it could interfere with the video or audio (or both) at your computer.
    I will try and be in the room early, perhaps as soon as 5:30 pm PDT. (Satsang starts at 1 am GMT.)If you have been having audio or video problems I'll try and assist you. Feel free to use the chat form if needed.

  2. Thanks Waldo. Having connectivity problems here but we're getting them ironed out! It was good seeing your face. David.

  3. Edji thank you for your very moving and compassionate words- I can't say more at the moment - just thank you so much I love you...

    ps you too Waldo thanks for being there love you too!!

  4. Hello Waldo, David , Maggie and others !
    It was so pleasant to see all these faces yesterday around Edji/krishna , i was very happy to participate to this satsangs and i'll try to have camera next week!
    And like Edji speaks slowly i could understang many things . His love feeling was so palpable that it is difficult to speak with him ! All the faces were very concentrated to interior and intimidated by edj's presence and love ; it was very stirring!
    You are so completely human Edj that you make us to become like that , here is your real loveliness !!!you make heart to liquefy and find again innocence beyond sufferings and wounds . Perhaps it is the most great quality from a man with complete freedom ...
    but when i see you i dont understand why so many "jiva mukti" are becoming mislead beings ! they do'nt seem have your human sensibility .The last scandal I am learning is about Amma , a woman called Gail who was living with her for many years is writting a book about that . I have learn about the guru who squeezed me has made the same thing with five persons and he continues with others in spite of law- suits ! And so many speak very well but dont help really .
    Edji, it is so easy to love you , you reconcilie me with the gurus !
    much love for this marvellous sangha !

  5. Yogi Ramsuratkumar : there is an american who is coming in my country and he was a pupil from this yogi who called him "the beggar" . As Robert known this yogi ? He seemed very simple and clean . I will go and hear about him . C

  6. Thanks for the words today Ed. I'm getting what you've been saying about these Masters of Advaita. It's true what you say; they don't ever talk about their living experience. The love emanating from Ramana was/is palpable as is Nisargadatta's presence, and yet they never refer to it except in oblique ways.
    Instead, and particularly Nisargadatta, they only talk about their experience as the "absolute" or the emptiness of Buddhism and only talk about love from a very arid and intellectual point of view.
    My teacher sounds just like your's. He never used to speak of the love that is self evident when you meet him, only about the emptiness. If you ask him about feelings he basically rationalises them away with the old "who are they happening to?" chestnut. And yet he is unassailable, I've never got around him, and these days he is a bit quicker to respond to love in kind (he is 82, he might finally be learning something, haha).
    What you say about the emptiness providing a "spiritual" body, rings so true. It's the Yang to the moist, hot feeling body/heart/mind's Yin (or is that the other way round?).
    I was picturing a sort of "architecture" or "hollow skeleton" upon which this transitory, experiential existence hangs. Both equally dependant on the other. Thank you for that beautiful image, though my words probably fail to do it justice.
    Your depth of compassion for the "monkey" self which is the vessel for this ocean of feeling (and which naturally defends against being overwhelmed by it), moved me to tears.
    I appreciate being given permission to love and be loved without compromising the Truth I know to be true.
    Thanks, Love you CyberGuru.

  7. I will try and be available early for future satsangs as we iron out difficulties. It helps to make the entire experience more moving for all of us and it's one small thing I can do to demonstrate my love for Ed and all of you.

  8. hello Waldo ,
    i would talk with you about camera because there is a bug with sound when i install one , it doent recognize sound and bug !
    thanks if you an idea what it is !