22 August 2012


  1. It is truly amazing that the female body has something akin to Maxwell's Demon that can sort through sperm one by one, determining which swimmers are the result of legitimate rape. Thank heavens this is not a quantum event or we may have sperm that are simultaneously legitimate and illegitimate.
    Even more amazing is that anyone would actually believe this.

  2. So many ugly looks...

    Thank God in Holland we have a party for the animals.


  3. and look at how many of them are men...go figure!

    1. What's amazing is how many women there are. That's the scariest thing. Sure, take away my rights and send me back to the 1950's like god intended!

    2. Yes Lila, thank you, I am wrong and better have a close look at my self. Here is a long way to go and a lot of work to be done. Promise to do the best I can to keep my mouth shut now unless it will speak truth.

  4. I have hovered around this post for days now- asking myself, what if anything will my view,opinion achieve. will it just add to the general cacophony of disgust and shock at such right wing ultra conservative policies; long held by the Republican party - it is not new neither is it news.

    To me it will be both new and news when the stories around these 40 individuals.Begin to include as has happened most recently to that doyen of the media world and staunch Republican Rupert Murdoch, overt criticism of his values, beliefs and recent appalling behavior in condoning reprehensible journalistic behavior in the British press; by none other than his daughter Elisabeth.

    So it gives me a modicum of hope that of these forty "head shots" there may be daughter,son, husband ,wife (unlikely but heh!!)sister, brother etc etc... who may challenge their "loved ones" archaic,rigid, harmful, selfish, non - compassionate, stultifying - dogma. Moreover that they will challenge it publicly and thus drag this limited ignorant doctrine into a new level of evolutionary consciousness.

    Still it might all be none of my business and I should perhaps see it for what it really is - a very compelling, legitimate "hook" a delicious diversion that takes me away from the far more urgent need to find my Self... to be awake with five senses fully open and to act from there in service ...
    love Maggie

  5. That's right Lila. And after all who is more authoritative about women's bodies than men? We've been telling you what you can and can't do with them for aeons.

  6. And don't they look like they're brimming with integrity and
    the milk of human kindness? Clearly, they have your best interests and mine close to their hearts.

  7. Hello Maggie !
    it is the day for satsang today !!! i will have a smooth thought for you during we will listen Edj !
    much love !

  8. Hello coquelicot

    yes it is I hope I can get to hear fully what is being said - fingers crossed
    xxx maggie