22 August 2012

I am so VERY, VERY happy.

Some of my students are going past me, becoming greater than I by far.

They now teach me and enrich me.

I am so happy for them and for the world that they soon will be serving.


  1. Edji, be in your Presence in Satsang make so easy to 'abide in the I'. Love and Eternal Gratitude.

  2. It's not that any have gone past you per se, they are merely showing you another dimension of your infinite nature which you have yet to discover.

    While these dancers, which are nothing more than forms of the dance itself, may be temporary, the Dance Itself is infinite. As long as we are in these bodies there will always be a deepening...

    Sometimes we are the ones who water, other times we are the ones who are watered. We are experiencing a season of watering because we have enjoyed a long season of being water by your Love. Enjoy and drink deeply of the fruit of this. It is your own.

    You being so joyful at the idea of some of your students having gone beyond you and teaching you is a testament to your own maturity and I find this most honorable.

    With Great Love!

    1. Lila, I am in awe of the beauty of your comment.
      "Enjoy and drink deeply of the fruit of this. It is your own."
      Both you and Ed are poetry itself.

    2. Thank you Waldo.

      He was the hammer that cracked this nut so the juices could flow.

  3. Edj,
    can you speak about what your students teach yo you or it is not possible for us to answer that ?

  4. Dear Edji,

    In my own arrogance I once thought “I” was loving you, I was teaching you even though I had the sense it was your love I was apprehending. Now I know without a doubt that it was you who first loved me. But ultimately, it was God that moved through you and reached for me, the inner Guru. The teacher is only a vessel. That was your only lesson for me. Perhaps that’s why I insisted it was your presence that I found to be transforming me – not your ‘teachings’. You taught me how to love myself and others by your love for me. That is the Grace of the guru. They say the Master chooses the student and it’s not the other way around. When the student is ready the guru appears. I see that to be true. All is Grace.

    After the experience of Love/God I can try to articulate it, name it through concepts and labels and make the mistake to think that I am teaching you. In my own arrogance I failed to see that you had given me the inner experience of love, you had taught me first. Oh, what a fool I was and always will be when I think “I” did it.

    I am afraid to even say “I love you” as I know it is He who loves me first. Rumi captured it so beautifully by saying:

    I am ashamed to call this love human
    And afraid of God to call it divine

    In deep gratitude and love,

  5. It is difficult to state how my students are doing. In many ways it is subtle. I start listening and they take me to a state I had never experienced, or express something I never understood. In other ways it is only a feeling, like they have softened, or grown up, or experience something deeper than I have felt in a similar situation. It is a feeling of satisfaction!